Active moms have special health and fitness needs. The unique physical demands of motherhood include carrying 40-pound toddlers and lifting children from or into cramped car seats. Barbara MacFarlane, MD, one of the nation's few certified exercise specialists, can not only help reduce your aches and pains, she can help you optimize your health and fitness to avoid future pain or injury.

How is being a mom like being an athlete?

Like athletes, moms routinely perform all sorts of amazing physical feats. They lift and carry 25 to 40-pound toddlers, often from cramped car seats.

They also suffer frequent bouts of low back pain, and strained and pulled muscles. To make matters worse, they often become deconditioned from missing workouts. At LifeSport Medicine & Wellness Center, we can direct you to specific programs to avoid injury and enhance overall health.

Call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Barbara MacFarlane to design a program for your health and fitness needs as a mom.